A New Way of Kids to Understand Dribbling a Basketball

To improve your basketball dribbling skills, practice passing the ball with different hand placements. You want to use the whole palm of your hand to keep control.

To move the ball quickly down court, dribble at waist height and pass it to your teammate. This will make it difficult for defenders to steal the ball.

How to dribble a basketball

Dribbling is an important skill that helps a player maintain possession of the ball and make plays. It is also a great way to improve a player’s balance and agility on the court.

When dribbling, players should contact the ball with their fingertips instead of their palm. This will allow them to handle the ball more easily and prevent it from getting lost in a crowd of defenders.

How to dribble with one hand

Players who are unable to dribble with both hands can still improve their ball handling skills. For example, by using a crossover dribble.

This involves a hesi (slight pause) and a pop to the other side. This helps to prevent carrying (keeping the hand palm fully under the ball). Also, players can use a behind the back or between the legs dribble.

How to dribble with two hands

The ability to dribble with two hands can make you a harder player to defend. It also allows you to change directions more quickly and make it easier to pass the ball to teammates.

However, it is important to remember that dribbling with two hands is illegal. This is because it causes a travelling violation.

This is a rule that was implemented to control the game and encourage ball movement between players.

How to dribble with three hands

This drill is designed to improve a player’s speed with the basketball. Players should stand in an athletic position, bending their hips and keeping their back straight with their eyes up. They should then dribble simultaneously with both hands, pounding the balls into the ground.

Be sure to remind players to use their fingertips instead of their palm when handling the ball. This helps to maintain control of the ball and prevent it from getting away.

How to dribble with four hands

Students will learn how to dribble in a game-like situation under pressure. They will be encouraged to use teaching cues to keep their eyes up and protect the ball from defenders.

Have players line up along the sidelines and practice these dribbling moves for about ten minutes each time. Switch up the move each time. For example, begin with the “speed dribble”. Push the ball out in front of you waist high and explode by.

How to dribble with five hands

Players learn to change direction while dribbling with this fun basketball game. The game also helps them develop coordination and agility.

Have players line up along the baseline and practice a different type of dribble each time they reach the end of the court and turn around. Encourage them to keep their eyes up and the ball under control. This will help them avoid being tagged by the defenders.

How to dribble with six hands

The Through-the-legs dribble is an advanced ball-handling move that requires players to stay low to the ground. This makes it harder for defenders to steal the ball.

Set up cones or chairs (see Tight Chairs Dribbling Drill) and pretend that the defender is trying to get the ball. Have players dribble through each cone and then switch hands. Perform this drill multiple times.

How to dribble with seven hands

Dribbling a basketball correctly requires proper hand placement. The ball should be handled with the pads of your fingers, not the palms. This will allow the player to keep a rhythm with the ball while moving around the court.

A great drill to use when practicing different dribbling moves. Players should try to keep their heads up throughout the drill to see the floor.

How to dribble with eight hands

The player crouch with their knees together and dribble the ball a few inches off the ground with their right hand. Then she reaches the hand behind her leg and dribbles with it, then the left hand behind the knee, and so on.

As the player becomes faster she can reduce the number of dribbles with each repetition. This is a great drill for improving hand-eye coordination and ball handling skills.

How to dribble with nine hands

To dribble with nine hands, you need to spread your feet shoulder-width apart and bend at the knees. This will create a low stance that makes it easier to control the ball.

Practice different retreat dribble moves like the double crossover, between the legs, and behind the back. NBA guards such as Damian Lillard use body height variation to get past defenders and make plays.

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